From Emptiness

“Things are based on emptiness.” Chapter 39, Tao-Tae-Ching, Lao-Tzu

 My artistic aim is to search for the new aspects of things around us. Impressed by the sentence, I explore emptiness in things. What I do is reveal an invisible space by dividing vessel forms into two forms. Through a small space, my work crosses the boundary between everyday objects and art objects. Space, newly formed between two objects, changes fixed perception in familiar things.

My work is rooted in the richness of vessel forms. Vessels, widely recognized as everyday objects to art objects, have been made from the beginning of civilization. With such words as ordinary, familiar, and useful, vessels have been humbly considered daily objects. Ironically, it is the firm perception of vessels that makes viewers explore my work from different perspectives. What is it? This or that? Making objects withholding such questions can be a poetic art.

I make my pieces with coiling, a traditional and labor-intensive process. Stacking coils slowly, I leave a trace of my time and effort. With my hands, I try to reinterpret original forms and give my pieces new values. White porcelain, as a material, is important in my work. White porcelain, the most demanding clay, endures the highest temperature to get the purest color. Whiteness, gained through the tough firing process, not only emphasizes the space between two objects visually but grants new values to my pieces.


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